Here are just a few of many e-mails I received from my clients who either bought the “MT5 FX Expert Advisor” already or want to buy it since they heard many good things about it from their friends and other people.


With the “MT5 FX Expert Advisor” you can also succeed and your life will never be the same.


Enjoy your trading and great profits

with the “MT5 FX Expert Advisor”!



Foreign exchange trading carries a high level of risk that may not be suitable for all investors. Leverage creates additional risk and loss exposure. Before you decide to trade foreign exchange, carefully consider your investment objectives, experience level, and risk tolerance. You could lose some or all of your initial investment; do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Educate yourself on the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial or tax advisor if you have any questions.


  1. Hi miss, I am so thank you for your help. I am happy you can make profits my accounts 3 times.
    I want to buy your robot now. I sent you email about this, please reply my email asap.

  2. I don’t have 5000 bucks to start but I have 1500 bucks. Can you help me to trade it? How much is the fee if I start with 1500 bucks?

  3. Hi Daisy, thank you for helping me. I can’t believe that your system is really amazing. It made more than 500% in a week. Looking forward for the next update.

  4. Hi, I am so happy with your robot and looking forward for the next update. I really can’t imagine if I still trade manually, I will not get opportunity to earn money faster like this. Thanks a lot Daisy.

    • Hi Courtney, thank you for the feedback. Don’t worry, we will inform you and then send it to you directly as soon as there is an update with the EA.

  5. Thanks daisy for helping me. You’re right, trading on NFP is really great. Your robot is very amazing on last NFP.

  6. Faarooq Brahmani

    Hello madam, I want to buy your system but I think I will join you first. Please send me email how to start if I want to join you. Thanks.

  7. Please, I want to join your system. I have only $1000. Can you do that for me?

  8. I have checked your live accounts and totally amazing. I want to join your system first and if I see good results, then I will buy your system and trade by myself. Send me details about how to sharing and how much I get in a week if my money now is only 3000 bucks.

  9. Hi, I am Chloe. I bought your system last week and I am very impressed with the result. Mostly during NFP last Friday. I got more than 1000% only in a day. Thank you very much. I don’t trust other system, but your system I trust it more than 100%. Really really thank you very much.

  10. I’ve read that with $2,000 I will get 2 Coding Request for 20 accounts. Can I purchase your EA for 1 Coding Request only? If it’s possible, how much should I pay? Send me email for details. Thanks.

  11. Hi mrs.Daisy, I am Fioretta. I checked your live accounts and it’s amazing. I don’t have 2000 right now, but I really want it. So how should I pay if I want to use your robot for 2 months? Please send me details. Thanks

  12. Hi Mrs.Daisy, your system is amazing. You can make an incredible profits that I never got. My friend and I checked the account all the time and we’re so amazed with the results. If I bring my friend to join, do I get bonus?

    • Hi, thank you for your feedback and for trusting us. We have sent the email regarding your question. Please kindhly check it.

  13. Thank you Daisy, your money management is the best. I will send the profit share this evening. Can you please continue to trade my account and my profit after this? I really need a lot of money right now.

  14. My name is Logan. I have an account in FXChoice and the deposit is 2765USD. Can you help me to manage it? I’ve lost much money and I heard, you can help people like me with trading. I promise, I will buy your robot after you can help me with this. Thank you.

    • Hi Logan, we can help you to manage your account with $2,765. We’ve sent an email about the profit share and other details. Please kindly check it. Thank you.

  15. Good morning madam. I am Vijay. Thank you to help me with your service. I now have money to help my sister in school. We are from poor family and I am happy that you can manage my money really great. Can you manage again? thank you.

    • Hi Vijay, thank you for trusting us. Sure, we would be really happy to help you. Just contact us on Skype or email.

  16. Sebastian Olvera

    Is it true that I can use this robot for 20 accounts? Only $2,000? I want to buy this robot then. Send me the payment ASAP. Thanks.

    • Hi Sebastian. Yes, it is true that with 1 EA, you can use it up to 20 accounts. We’ve sent the payment details to your email. Please check it. Thank you very much.

  17. Thank you Daisy, at first I’ve doubt about your robot but after your team help me to set up the robot, Its work and make profits. I am sorry for my mistake.

  18. How to join your money management? Can I start with small deposit for starter? Send me details.

  19. I am happy with the robot. Your robot amaze me. I want to buy 1 robot again for my brother. Please, reply my email asap.

  20. Hudson Rounsevell

    How to buy your robot? email me please.

  21. Can you send me the payment method for the robot? I want to purchase your robot. Thanks

  22. Bethany Elliston

    Wow, amazing. I’ve just bought your robot and I can get 200% profits only in 2 days. Thank you very much.

  23. Hi Bro. Thank you very much for such a lot of profits that you made. Now, I can feed my family. Can I continue to join your money management?

  24. Gerard S. James

    Can you send the details to me? I want to invest my money, how much can I get per month?

  25. Hello Bro, my friend told me about your EA and he said that your EA is very profitable. I want to buy your EA badly, so can you please send me the detail?

    • Hello Mallory. I am happy to hear that. We have sent the details on your Email. Please kindly check your Email. Thank you

  26. Hey, I want to get the EA. Please inbox me the details And I want the setting of the FX Gaints account on you website. Is it possible to trade like that?

  27. Hello, Good Morning.
    Where I can get your EA? I see the performance is very good.

  28. Hello, where I can get your system information?

  29. Anna Kropáčková

    Hello. how to join?
    I’m interested to your service.
    I have account on Exness.

  30. I recommend each and every one to buy this EA and congratulate the support team of MTVEXPADV EA. Keep up the good work , thank you.

  31. The performance of this EA is really worth to the money I spent. Thank you very much.

  32. Hello Daisy,
    I’m interested in your EA, how can I get it?
    Thank you

  33. How to join?
    I’m interested to your service.
    I can invest $5,000.

  34. Muneer Nasr Assaf

    Hello, I’m interested with you system after see your login details. Please send me the details.

  35. Hi Daisy
    I have received your robot and thank you for helping me setting the EA. Your EA really profitable and low risk.
    Thank you.

  36. How does your system work exactly?
    Please send the detail to my email.
    I’m very interested with your EA.

  37. Hello, Daisy
    I’m very satisfied with the performance of the EA you created.
    I will ill buy more licenses in order to use multiple accounts.
    Thank you.

  38. I’m interested with your system, please send me the details of the system.
    Thank you

  39. I’m so very sastified use this EA. It’s realy safe,low risk and profitable.
    Thank for God have meet me with this system.

  40. Hello, everyone.
    I’m to give recommendation to use this system, i have use this system, it’s realy good , profitable and low risk.
    Thank you.

  41. Jordang Williams

    Hello, i need a profitable and low risk system. I see you have that system. Please give me the details of your system.

  42. Hello, how much ROI i will get with $2,500? My friend told me that you had amazing Money Management Service, how can i join?

    • Hi, Goncal. We can make up to 100%-500% profits per month, for example, from $5,000 we can make up to $25,000/month, but it depends on market situation, brokers and risk appetite. Please check your email for more information.

  43. Hello, i’m very interested with your EA, please send me the details. Thank you.

  44. Hello everyone , i recommended this system to make easy profit. I’m satisfied with this system, it’s really profitable and low risk. Thank you for give this system.

  45. Hello sister, please send me the details of your robot and money management service. I was very interested!
    Thank you.

  46. Hello, i heard your system is very safe and profitable. I’m interested to use your system. Please send me the details. Thank you

  47. I’m very intersted with your EA, i hope can get the EA. Please send me the details and price.
    Thank you.

  48. Your robot is perfect performace. I’m satisfide!
    Thank you

  49. Madue Keobijiaku

    Hello Good Morning,
    I see your performance is great and make to much profit. I’m interested with your system, please send me the details.
    Thank you

  50. Hello, Good Morning
    I look your system is great and profitable. I’m interested with your system. Please send me the details to my email.
    Thank you

  51. Hello Mrs.Daisy,
    Thank you for your best service, your EA is realy make me happy, now i can holiday with my familly.
    This is recommended EA.

  52. Hi, I’m very interested with you EA and Money Management Service MT5EXPADV , please send me the details to the email.
    Thank you 🙂

  53. Gerald Douglas

    Hello Daisy,
    I bought the EA and the result on my account is amazing!
    I hope you continue your great support!
    Recommended EA!
    Thank you.

  54. I’m very happy to use your robot, i’m so lucky get it. Thank you for your robot.
    This is recommended robot.

  55. Hello, Daisy
    I’m interested with you EA and MM Service, please send me the details.
    Thank you

  56. The EA is really great and recommened.
    I have used the EA for a few month and no loses.
    Thanks Daisy.

  57. please provide with more information for bank transfer option

  58. Hello, looks like your EA is really great. Please tell me more about this, I really want to buy. Thanks.

  59. I see you robot performance is great, i want to buy your robot. Send me the details.
    Thank you

  60. Thomas Williams

    Hello, I bought your EA and I tried your robot in real account for 2 months. It has been proven that your robot is profitable.
    Now, I believe if you increase the balance, you can achieve more money.
    Thank you

  61. Can you please explain me about your robot to my email? I’d like to know about the offer for double license.
    Thank you.

  62. Hello there. I want to buy this EA . Please send me the details to my email. Thank you

  63. Your robot is so profitable.
    First time, I tried in demo account, because I doubt it.
    But now, in real account I can earn much money.
    Thanks for everything.

  64. Send me details information of the robot to my email. thanks.

  65. Hello, how can I get this EA sir?

  66. Thank you sir for the EA. I bought this robot since last week and already make big profits. I’m satisfied!

  67. I want to buy your robot Sir, contact me at the earliest I am from India.

  68. This EA give me the best performance. Always!

  69. I purchase the EA and simply, it works…
    Pips profits are consistent…

    Thank you for a REAL EA..


  70. Hi sir, How can I get your system?

  71. I’d like to sent my big thanks to you. I just get my first profits after buy this robot yesterday. Planning to buy my own house after getting withdrawal of this profit.
    Sorry for underestimate you.

  72. Hello,
    I’m interested in your EA, how can I get it?
    Thank you

  73. Hello,
    I have tried your robot in real account for 3 months.
    It has been proven that your robot is profitable.
    Thank you so much !

  74. I am interested with this EA. Please send me the information

  75. Hello,
    I just bought the EA and the result on my account is amazing!
    Very interesting EA.
    I hope you continue your great support!
    Thank you.

  76. Hello, I am interested in your ROBOT, may i know the Price. Thanks

    • The EA costs $1,250 after a discount. It includes 2 Coding Requests for up to 20 accounts and a Life-Time License so you don’t need to pay for any additional charges if we have any updates of the EA.

  77. Recommended EA. Thank you MT5 FX EXP ADV.

  78. What a good EA

  79. Komáromy Dominik

    I Like the way this robot works. Thank you for bringing my loss back.

  80. Mai Tất Lĩnh

    This EA works like a money generator machine! It will keep working even when you leave it for sleeping.

  81. Lasse A. Johansen

    Thanks MT5FXEXPADV, because of you I can go to my favorite bar to have some fun with my friends tonight. Let’s party!

  82. The performance of this EA is really worth to the money I spent. Arigato gozaimasu!

  83. Chandra H. Winarno

    I highly recommend this EA for those who wanted to recover their loss in Forex trading.

  84. Andres Martines P.

    I have tried to use some EAs, but the results were disappointing. I was frustrated and thought that I will never use an EA in Forex trading anymore. However, with mt5fxexpadv I can get back the money I lost, and even turned into a profit. So far, the profit I get is $ 45,000 and will likely continue to grow because the robot is very very brilliant!

  85. Best adviser for 2000 USD. He perfectly and reliably works with any deposit! Support very amicable

  86. Niweat Siriwong

    Are much should I pay to start and what is the procedure?

    • Hello Niweat,
      Our robot costs $2,000 after a discount (the original price is $2,500). The $2,000 amount is for a life-time license, so you will not be charged again in the future for renewals or anything else.

      You don’t need to worry because we can set up the EA for you, so you can get best results without any problems. You will also get manuals after you purchase it and all information that you need to know about the system, settings, parameters and anything else are there.

      If there’s any question, please contact our support manager at

  87. Hi Mrs. Daisy,

    Very Lucky to meet you on, I used to be interested in financial trading for a few years.

    But I have to say your trading strategy is so amazing, and all your accounts are so impressive.

    Can you give me a little more details about your strategy theory?

    And, if i buy your product, what i will get?

    Hope to see your reply, soon.



    • Hello Max,
      Thank you for your interest in our Robot. It’s really good and you can make much profits with it just like us and many other traders who have used it.
      You can pay for it by bank transfer, PayPal, WesternUnion, MoneyGram, Moneybookers, PerfectMoney, Webmoney, Payza, Neteller, OKPay, Ukash, cashU, or BitCoin.
      Check the following link for all payment methods we accept:

      If there’s any question, please contact our support manager at

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