How does the “MT5 FX Expert Advisor” work?

The EA works in a different way depending on the broker, e.g. ECN or MM, spread, platform, etc.
It always opens trades the same way when prices move suddenly, but closing the trades depends on the broker or strategy chosen. For example you can close trades by: Take Profit, Stop Loss, Trailing Stop, by elapsed time, like after 2, 5, 10 minutes, or invisible Trailing Stop or when prices move back, etc. This Robot is quite complex, that’s why it can deal with many brokers, platforms, spreads, etc. You can see some variables and the way it works on the “Features” and “Method” pages.

Does the “MT5 FX Expert Advisor” work with ECN brokers?

ECN brokers have fast price feed and the spread changes constantly, so it is quite difficult to place profitable orders, but recently my programmer and I succeeded to create an ECN version of the ROBOT. We tested it with a number of ECN brokers and it works quite well with some, but not all of them.
“MT5 FX Expert Advisor” works best with brokers with low spreads, slow price feed and instant execution. Although generally ECN brokers are regarded as most reliable, not all systems work well with them and some Market Makers are very reliable too. I strongly advise you to open demo and real accounts with a few brokers. Don’t stick to one broker only, no matter how good it is. Check your systems as well as the “MT5 FX Expert Advisor” with a number of brokers, not only one. Opening a new account doesn’t take much time, but can give you enormous advantages.

Does the new ECN version also work with non-ECN brokers?

Yes, the new upgrade works naturally with ECN and non-ECN brokers (Market Makers). Only the way of placing orders is a little different. You will receive a detailed Manual how to place orders depending on the broker. It’s not very difficult.

Many brokers don’t allow scalping so how can I use this Robot?

There is a number of brokers, especially Market Makers, that don’t like scalping, but there are many other Market Makers, that conditionally allow scalping, e.g. the order must be kept minimum for 1 or 2 minutes. There is a new variable that allows to control the time before the order can be closed so the broker’s restrictions can be fulfilled. Besides the new ECN version works with ECN brokers and they never forbid scalping and will welcome you if you make lots of money there using my Robot and the scalping strategy. There are over 150 brokers that allow scalping without any restrictions, please check here:

Do you give discounts? $2,000 is too expensive for me.

I understand that for many people $2,000 is much money. But the “MT5 FX Expert Advisor” is not for everybody, only for those who can afford it and can see its power. Not everybody can buy a house, a car or travel frequently. However, with the “MT5 FX Expert Advisor” you can have those things and enjoy your life. The Robot’s price lives up to its quality. The Robot is ONLY $2,000.
From my experience some people will prefer loosing $10k or even $50k in Forex to buying a really good trading system or EA. I don’t think $2,000 is so much if you lost already $50,000. You will have a chance to get your money back. Otherwise, you can always buy a cheap EA for $100.


Instead of buying the “MT5 FX Expert Advisor” EA you can also have your Funds managed by experienced Money Managers. So if you don’t have time for trading or don’t want to buy the EA, check out the “MONEY MANAGEMENT” page.


Can I test this robot on a Demo first for a day or two before I decide to buy it?

Unfortunately we don’t give the robot for tests. You can test it on demo accounts or do trading on real account after you purchased it. Check the “Disclaimer” for details. You can see the performance of the robot on the accounts shown on the website, so this is best proof of the Robot performance. In case of any other Forex EAs available on the Internet or quality goods like a “Rolex” watch, you don’t get them for “testing” to see if you like them or not.

Does the “MT5 FX Expert Advisor” work with 5-digit spread currency pairs? How big spreads can it trade on? How about variable spreads?

The “MT5 FX Expert Advisor” can work with 5-digit and variable spreads. 1-2 pip spreads are best, but spreads up to 3 pips might bring profits as well. In case of EURUSD most brokers have spreads of 1-2 pips, so this pair can be traded quite often. In case of GBPUSD there are a few brokers only with spread of 2-3 pips, so the choice is limited, but still possible.

Which timeframes and indicators does it use?

It doesn’t use any timeframes or indicators at all. Check the “Method” page for details.

Is the internet and computer speed important with this robot?

Yes, both a fast computer and fast internet connections are very important for this Robot since it analyzes lots of factors and prices and must send orders quickly to the broker before the prices change. So every millisecond counts. Please check the “Latency Chart” for more details.

How can I find the right brokers?

There are over 250 brokers worldwide with MT4 platform. Most of them you can find here: and You can find there lots of information about the spreads, dealing desk, country of origin, deposits, etc. You can also use the brokers shown on our website or on the “Recommended Brokers” page or “Latency Chart“, but the final choice is yours.

Can I use the robot on my Mac computer?

Yes, it is possible. Although both robot and MT4 platform work only in a Windows environment, you can download Apple’s bootcamp, which is provided for free, to run Windows and Windows based applications.

I checked the 121 Securities page and your Robot is not on their recommended EA list, but you were trading there and making money?

Well, first of all brokers will not recommend any EA that makes money there, since they will lose money, unless they are true ECN. Second of all, my Robot is not that famous and brokers don’t know it as well as other commercial EAs, and I am very happy about this fact. I don’t want everybody to have it, just chosen traders, that’s why it’s so expensive and not many people know about it.


You can also find many answers and help e.g. “How to Find Latency”, “How to Change Password”, “How to Find IP Address”, etc. at the Right-Side Menu on our website.

We will be very happy to assist you no matter if you are a beginner or advanced trader and no matter what kind of questions you might have, regarding the Robot, MaM or Forex trading in general.

With the “MT5 FX Expert Advisor” you can also succeed and your life will never be the same.


Enjoy your trading and great profits

with the “MT5 FX Expert Advisor”!



Foreign exchange trading carries a high level of risk that may not be suitable for all investors. Leverage creates additional risk and loss exposure. Before you decide to trade foreign exchange, carefully consider your investment objectives, experience level, and risk tolerance. You could lose some or all of your initial investment; do not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Educate yourself on the risks associated with foreign exchange trading, and seek advice from an independent financial or tax advisor if you have any questions.

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